Wedding Enhancements

Thai Weddings Enhancements

We offers you a splendid luxurious Lanna wedding at a realistic price.
We also can supply some extra enhancements.

Thai dancers

Troupe Thai Dancers:

The traditional Thai dances are preformed as solos or 2-4 people at a time. We normally have young exceptional dancers that are training to be world class Thai Dancers. This gives them the needed experience and helps fiance their further training while providing you the chance to see truly talented dancers preform at your wedding. is at present only available as part of the Royal wedding

Northern Thai Dancers

Thai dancer with northern Thai Sabii
Lanna Style Cotton and silk Attire
Thai dancers preforming classic Northern Thai Dance
The Candle Dancers

Video Photographer:
(Video is included in the Deluxe and Royal Packages. )
Available as an option on the simple wedding.
The video is a keepsake you will cherish for years to come. It will be edited for you before you leave into a show your friends back home.You may have it as a DVD. The cost is 7,900 Baht for the filming and editing down to about a one hour presentation in DVD format and original unedited tapes can be had if desired..


Fire Balloons:

fire balloons Kom fai
Fire Balloons are by law only allowed to be set off during certain days during New Years and Loi Krathong . These are made of natural paper and are said to float away bad luck in order to make room for good luck. We find a great thing for family and friends to partake in when allowed.
The traditional proper number of balloons to release is nine balloons (which is a lucky number for weddings in Thai culture), at the cost of 1,500 Baht for the set.

Thai Fire Balloons
“Kom Loi”

It is common practice to light these balloons to send your bad luck away
in order to allow good luck to come during special occasions.

The wick is soaked covered with bees wax to provide a heat source while it ascends to the heavens. They are great fun if be it a little loud as firecrackers are light and hang from the balloon as it ascends.

Everyone loves them even my Children.


Everyone wants to get on the challenge to see if their Kom Loi will float the furthest.

Thai Fireworks:

Thai fireworks

We offer professional pyrotechnics for your wedding. We recommend the amazing Royal display at 9,900 Baht. They are a Blast!You will truly love them. this display you could never afford at home, well to be honest, the fire marshal would not allow it! But we have a lot of room and the true Thai pyrotechnic professionals come in to do it for us.

This is where I wish I could do video so you have a real idea of the show.
They are not home size fireworks but real big ones
The colours will vary as well as shapes and size.
We have been told they are way bigger fireworks than the couples expected, but when your pyrotechnic people are hired by cities all over Thailand to do displays one knows they are good! Local family business does good!

Now available for only the true connoisseur of the pyrotechnic art form. We have a available a masterpiece display, that was created for a Hong Kong wedding we did. It may be up graded on the Royal package for 8,000 baht or added to any other package for 17,900 baht *This sort of display would be more expected at public gatherings of hundreds or even thousands, not private parties. So by no means implies that the “Royal” set is not amazing.

Western Style Weddding Cakes

wedding cakes in thailand

We can arrange for your wedding cake we start with the 3 tiered 6 pound wedding cake sown here suitable for 6 to 8 guests. (the local elder seem to like to help eat it too) We find good tasting cakes people always want seconds. What diet it is a special day!
This was our very first wedding cake we have refined them some what with better colour matching and stand.

Christian Ministers Optional Service

Chritian destination wedding in Thailand

You may also add a proper Christian ceremony to your Buddhist ceremony before the Knot tying ceremony. The fee is 9,000 Baht extra which includes the “donation” to the minister and the extra floral arbor and decoration of the wedding sala if a larger wedding party.
If you bring your own Minister from home, there is no charge at all. Yes we have had several weddings where one family member or more is a licensed minister.

Jazz Trio
We are happy to anounce that we have just the Jazz trio that will add a true touch of elegance to your Christian weddings.

Please contact us for details.

For more information contact Jit at Thailand Weddings
Costing will be confirmed at time of booking, these are guideline prices only.