this was 10+ in every sense.

Dear Nuptials,

My wife Elizaveta and I were married by Llama Kru Ba Noi on Sunday 16 June 2013 at Wat Sridonmoon.
We could not have been happier with each and every step of the way.
Somchit Srimoon is an absolute professional and our wedding was faerie tale perfect.
Jit is keenly intelligent, creative and is focused on tiny details that matter.
Her property – positively amazing. Photographer – exceptional.
Temple, food, architecture, clothing (two sets), transportation, ceremonies (multiple), the village elders, the young musicians, the natural beauty, the flowers, the air .
The people who work for her are equally of a very high caliber.
Everything that she said would be – would be.
Trust her – she knows what is what and believes that it will positively happen.
On a scale of one to ten, this was 10+ in every sense.

We were blessed with a baby girl 5 December 2014.

John and Elizaveta
Please do not hesitate to contact me for specifics jwd “@”