Beautiful day full of special memories.

We were travelling to Thailand for a few weeks and after deciding that a UK wedding wasn’t what we wanted due to outside interference which was overshadowing our special day. We considered the idea of getting married by ourselves in Thailand whilst we were away so contacted Jit to enquire if this was possible.

Jit worked everything out around our itinerary and when we arrived in Thailand she arranged for a chaperone to take us to our respective embassy’s in Bangkok to formalise our paperwork ahead of the big day.

On the day itself we started early with a trip to the local market to buy food offerings for the local monks which we arranged and prepared under direction. We met a number of monks on the street who offered us their blessings. Later that morning we were taken to the district offices where the legal part of our marriage was conducted by the district leader. After this we were taken to the countryside where we rode an elephant down a river and had some wonderful pictures taken. This was followed by a traditional ceremony at a local temple. A special experience indeed.

We went to the beautiful wedding house in the mountains and were joined by the village elders and some musicians for a meal after the knot tying ceremony.

It was the perfect setting for some beautiful photographs and the day is still vivid in our memories as it approaches our fifth wedding anniversary!

I’m writing this review after looking through our wedding albums with our two children who love to look at the beautiful photos of mummy and daddy on their special wedding day. We hope to return one day with the children to show them the beautiful city of Chiang Mai!

If you are considering getting married abroad I would highly recommend letting Jit take care of your special day as it was a stress free experience in the most beautiful settings
which we shall never forget.

Thank you again Jit!

With love,

Alan & Rebecca Conran