Renewal of Vows

Vow Renewal Ceremonies in Thailand.

Proving true love never ends…


For those of you who may be considering to renew your vows in Thailand. Then may I be so bold as to suggest that Chiang Mai makes a great location choice with romance in the air and great second honeymoon experiences for travellers and true romantics at heart. Let’s not forget to mention that the Thai Buddhist renewal of vows ceremony is a cultural gem.

It does not matter if it is five years for 50 years after your wedding day. Or for that matter if you just had the whole white wedding for your family. When what the two of you dreamt of was a special and Unique wedding ceremony for just you and not the colossal wedding you did for your family. We fully understand and know weddings and commitment are personal and unique.

The unique Lanna wedding ceremony is perfect for couples who have already promised each other, and wish to reconfirm those commitments. It is a romantic and spiritual event. That is not to say you have to be a Buddhist. NO, as long as you have to be open mind and enjoy the spiritual oneness that a traditional Lanna blessing ceremony offers. It might just be perfect for you.

You will find the renewal of vows experience will genuinely bring you and those you share it with closer together while providing a keloidscope of memories to cherish the rest of your lives.

morning offering to monks

The Lanna Wedding Renewal of Vows will Include…

Use of Thai Attire – as requested by monks

Professional Photographer

Morning offerings to 9 monks on the silversmith road.
– trip to the morning market to gather foodstuffs
– preparing morning offerings

Blessing renewal ceremony by 3 Monks
– including gifts for monks
– Temple donations

Merit-making ceremony after the temple blessing
– Including fish and birds

Local Transportation
Wedding planner and translation services

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