Renewal of vows – a Unique Ceremony

A Unique Renewal of Vows Option

Nowadays, a few lucky couples can maintain their marriage vows and lead a happily married life for many years. After ten, twenty or thirty years, these couples may wish to relive their marriage ceremony once again and repeat their marriage vows that they had uttered together years ago this is called a renewal of vows.


There are some professional wedding planners, who can make this special occasion memorable for these lucky couples. This renewal of marriage vow ceremony is a miniature of a real wedding with lesser invitees. But the couple enjoys the same pleasure and romance in this destination renewal of vows ceremony, as they had felt during their real wedding years back. Even the psychologists support this event of renewal ceremony, as they find it to be restoring the lost love and passion among many married couples.


Chiang Mai is a beautiful city in Northern Thailand, surrounded by mountains and river. There are numbers of Buddhist temples here, which are still considered as pilgrimage sites for Buddhists and also prominent tourist attractions. So it is ideally chosen as the destination for renewal of Buddhist wedding vows, by the leading marriage planners.


Thailand Weddings is a reputed wedding planner company based in Thailand that arranges a memorable Renewal of Vows ceremony in typical Thai style. Many foreign couples also want to celebrate their 5th or 30th marriage anniversary in this unique way, by following the Buddhist culture while renewing their wedding vows.

The spouses may surprise their life partners with a fantastic arrangement of this Renewal of Vows ceremony, due to the expertise of professionals associated with Thailand Weddings. It is that their mutual love enhances to a great extent after celebrating this ceremony, in the presence of their closest friends and family members. This renewal ceremony is celebrated in a more relaxed mood than the actual wedding, though not lesser memorable for these loving couples.


As Thailand Weddings plan Buddhist style of marriage ceremonies, they suggest their clients wear typical Thai wedding costumes, as preferred by the Buddhist monks of Chiang Mai. They provide a professional photographer, who makes sure to capture all the memorable moments as still photographs and videos. Many couples from foreign lands want something different on their special marriage anniversaries when they wish to renew their marriage vows. So they love to visit the Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai and observe all the simple rituals as directed by the monks, for renewing their wedding vows once again. Typically, this ceremony starts in the morning, with morning offerings at a Buddhist temple.


Thailand Weddings arrange for their local transportation for bringing them to a unique Buddhist temple within the city and also help them in collect important stuff for this ceremony, from the local market. The couples need to prepare foodstuffs and gifts for the monks, who bless their married life after the renewal of wedding vows.

Many couples also love to feed the birds and fishes in these temple premises, as per the Buddhist culture.

Therefore, the interested couples need to contact Thailand Weddings via emails to the given email id or they may also call up at the given phone number. There are professional interpreters here, who can help in communicating with the staff of this wedding planner company.