The Wedding House

Your private wedding night hideaway?

The entire wedding home is your for your special night. We will prepare a exotic fruit platter for you and an assortment of of your choice of liquid refreshments will be chilled and waiting for you.


The secluded mountain location allows for total privacy which no resort can come close to offering. The house and grounds were designed with romance in mind with privacy and luxury in mind.. No need to worry about anything. It offers a peaceful and green friendly wedding night. As the house was built with reclaimed hardwoods and mostly locally sourced materials. As well as energy efficient lighting and equipment has been installed.


<stroYes, the hardwood floored bedroom has a aircon for those few really hot months in the north



Ensuite bathroom with extremely large tub big enough for …

With a jacuzzi tub and shower too for your wedding experience.
You are welcome (encouraged) to bring your favorite scented bath oils or we do have some local scents available.

A private view of the surrounding garden may be enjoyed from tub.

night phot of OnTai

For more information contact Jit at Thailand Weddings.