Rural Garden Wedding

Our Rural Garden Christian Wedding

We offer you the most romantic Christian weddings
in a splendid Thai tropical garden setting with a Royal Forest backdrop and a real Thai rural flavour.

Costs: 69,000 Baht: (See here for exchange rates)
Weddings start at 69,000 Baht depending on how many people you invite (9 guests are included free, we love to have friends and family come share). This wedding may be easily customized to 19 guests.With extra guest 999 Baht each including transport, local alcohol and feast. Terms

Our Rural Christian Garden wedding: normally includes

On arrival in Chiang Mai we normally :

  • Will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel room . Help get you checked in.
  • Then depending on arrival time we will arrange a time to pick you up to go the local consulate or you can get them in Bangkok ahead of time, to get the paper work started. You only pay the consulate affidavit fees (as each country is different), the rest of the cost of legal marriage registration is included. See Requirements
  • We will also provide a English translation of the Marriage certificate so you may have all those name charges made, if you choose to.
  • On arrive in Chiang Mai, we will arrange a suitable time to meet with your personal wedding planner, get any final ideas you may have worked into the wedding. Christian weddings you probably prefer to bring your own attire, we can provide the use of Thai attire if desired.

The wedding is of course totally customizable to meet your requirements and taste.

Our English speaking ministers are of many different denominations and back grounds.

On the day of your wedding.

  • We will arrange for your hairdresser to come to do your hair and makeup.
  • Will provide all transport to and from wedding venue in appropriate vans.
  • Venues floral decorations. Includes more than a couple of flower
  • Bridal Bouquet for the bride not just a corsage.
  • Boutonnieres of the Groom and best man
  • Corsages for every female guest if desired.
  • Non Denominational minister’s donation is included in the package.
  • 180 photos and negatives of your wedding. Or the more popular option of Shooting in digital then we do not limit the number of photos you get, we simple give you the CD of all the photos, so you can send right away or print out as many as you like. Of course we still use a Nikon SLR camera and the same professional photographer. But expect far more photos with digital. But expect far more photos with digital about 400 photos..Without the hassles of carrying hundreds of prints home. As well if you like we can make you a small web gallery so your friends can see your wedding photos before you even return home.
  • Video of your wedding, to show your grandchildren , shoot in DVD and edited onto a DVD (or if needed VCD).
  • Live Traditional Lanna and Thai music played by a professional 5-6 piece group…. Is included in the package. (Or optionally we can arrange for a Jazz Trio!)
  • Western music : you may bring your CDs or bring your favorites on your Ipod and we can plug you in our music system as well.

  • A traditional northern Thai style wedding luncheon or dinner depending on chosen time of ceremony. It is hard to do fireworks in the day time)
  • We normally wind the wedding party by 11:30pm. If you wish to party loudly after that we will transport back to the city where wilder parties can continue in local bars till the early morning.
  • A feast fit for a wedding with your favorite Thai dishes and some soon to be favorite Thai dishes.
  • Plenty of local beer or Local spirits at feast..
  • You may choose Lanna style feast or a western served Thai meal.
  • Bottle of Sparkling wine (or champagne can be arranged {optional}) for toasting.
  • Accompanying you to registrar to finalize marriage and assistance with same. Translation of marriage certificate into English for all those papers you may want to change back home
  • Thai legal marriage certificate

    We include the registration of your marriage in the package.

    You may choose to customize your Western weddings with the fireworks, Jazz Trio, Fire Balloons or even ….. it is up to you.

    Fireworks at a Chriatian destination wedding in Thailand

    We normally wind the wedding party by 11:30pm. If you wish to party loudly after that we will transport back to the city where wilder parties can continue in local bars till the early morning.

    For more information contact Jit at Thailand Weddings
    For Term and Conditions click here

    What you need to provide yourself!

    1. “Affidavits fees” as they differ with consulate, and supporting documents see you countries requirements. Please note we do not cover the fees of the consulates affidavits or their paperwork, but do cover the translations and Foreign Ministry charges and registry charges if you wish to have the marriage registered in Thailand. You must have it registered here for most countries to consider you legally married. It is your responsibility to assure you attain this if the marriage is to be registered in Thailand.
    2. Your own foot wear as Thailand has few large sizes, so best you bring your own to match your choice of wedding attire.
    3. Wedding attire.Our staff our not experts in western wedding attire so is not include with this wedding.
    4. Wedding bands.
    5. Accommodation other than Listed.

    For more information contact Jit at Canna weddings

    garden wedding Thailand

    The attire is up to you, whatever you are comfortable in.