Deluxe Thai Buddhist Wedding

Our Deluxe Thai Buddhist Weddings

We offer you a splendid Authentic Thai or Lanna Deluxe wedding at a realistic price.

Most weddings will cost 79,000 Baht depending on how many people you invite (6 guests are always included free, we love to have friends and family come share the Thai experience). May be easily customized to 16 guests (extra guests are 999 baht each). Terms

Our Full Thai wedding: (by Thai definition of a wedding) normally includes

On arrival we normally:

  • Will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel room. Help get you checked in.
  • Then depending on arrival time we will arrange a time to pick you up to go the local consulate to get the paper work started, should you choose this legal option.You only pay the consulate affidavit fees; the rest of the cost of legal marriage registration is our treat.
  • We will arrange a suitable time to stop by our wedding shop to get a final fitting of the Thai wedding attire which you will have chosen in advance and had custom made (these are yours to keep) and then return you to the hotel or send you off sight seeing or off on a trek (Sight seeing and such not included in wedding but can make recommend or even book for you).

On the wedding day: See sample wedding:

  • Get up early! We will pick you up from your city hotel at 5 am and take you to the silversmith area, where you will be instructed in the proper cultural offering of food to monks for merit and good luck. I will then take you to the local Market and get Incense, flowers, candles and food. Then return to my home and prepare the offerings and then distribute to the monks at about 6:00 AM.

old thai monk

  • Break for breakfast or maybe a sleep for some couples.
  • Then the bride will change for the Thai wedding ceremony after we have done her hair (We will have a custom made dress as ordered in advance) at the shop.
  • When get the marriage registered with the Thai officials. You must sign it yourselves to be legal! We do try to everything for your paperwork to make it hassle free!


Travel to the temple for Buddhist Monk blessings and the release of birds, fish and/or turtles for merit.

Thai wedding parade

The groom collect his wedding group and proceed to the wedding venue with his supporters and well wishers to face the gates.

  • The Thai wedding celebrant will perform the Thai wedding ceremony, with strings that tie you both spiritually together forever.



  • Have the traditional viewing of the nuptial bedroom for guests and elders.
  • The ceremonial offerings, of incense and food will be made to the ancestors.

  • We normally arrange a Thai five piece Traditional Lanna music band for wedding music.
  • The wedding feast is for up to 20 people as you are expected to feed musician and some local Thai guests like the celebrant and others that have helped to make it a real Thai wedding. It is served in Lanna style.
  • We offer the wedding night at the wedding venue for the couple. As it is proper for the groom to spend the wedding night in the house of the bride’s family, the homes you get married in will expect you to spend the night there.

  • Also included in this package is everything as listed above.: Plus:
  • Van and driver at you disposal all day.
  • The wedding attire for the bride and groom, which yours get to keep (excluding footwear).
  • Thai jewelry for the bride.
  • Hairdresser and makeup services for the bride.
  • Merit cost of food for the monks in the morning.
  • Temple donations.
  • Merit costs of birds, fish and/or turtles at the temple.
  • Merit cost of offering for the senior temple monk who blesses your marriage.
  • Gratuities for the wedding officiate and gate guards.
  • Live band – Five or six classical Thai musicians.
  • Fresh flower arrangements at the wedding venue
  • Traditional Thai flower arrangement as part of the ceremony and for the nuptial bedroom.
  • Traditional wedding garlands for the bride and groom.
  • Professional Photographer services, now the countless number of photos taken on digital and copies of the DVD’s so no hassles carrying back negatives and proof. Expect at least 300+ images.
  • A video photographer to provide a life-time record that you can show your friends and even your children or grandchildren. We normally provide an edited DVD of your Lanna wedding.
  • Lunch reception or dinner depending on preference and options desired.
  • Wedding night accommodation for the newlyweds at the wedding venue (if desired).
  • A simple breakfast for your first morning as married couple on our private estate.

All this is included in the base price of 79,000 Baht.