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Thailand Weddings

Destination Weddings in Thailand.

The most romantic weddings abroad in the world.

Be it a traditional Thai Buddhist wedding or a western-style Christian white wedding you dream of, Chiang Mai is a wonderful choice for an intimate, stress-free romantic wedding.

Our Thai Buddhist weddings are not the normal tourist theme destination weddings, which are flogged at many resorts in Thailand. We offer locals and travellers alike, culturally correct traditional northern Thai weddings (or ‘Lanna’ weddings). Lanna weddings are known throughout Thailand as the most romantic and spiritual wedding in Thailand.

We also offer elegant Christian weddings in our beautiful large private tropical garden, offering a truly intimate and secluded setting which no public resort can match. Our Christian weddings are all performed by “real” ordained ministers. If you wish a western style “non-religious” ceremony but with a celebrant, that too can easily be arranged.

Buddhist Weddings
Buddhist Weddings

We offer you Romantic and Authentic Thai Buddhist weddings, not just a tourist Thai theme wedding offered by many resorts.

Christian Weddings
Christian Weddings

We offer proper Christian weddings preform by real ministers, in a private rural tropical garden setting.

Your wedding will be as unique as you are! All our weddings are customised and are changeable to suit each bride and groom’s personal preferences. Yes, we do state “packages” as we know we all have budgets, but within these “packages” you are of course encouraged to personalise the details to suit your taste and unique ideas. We never try to up sell you when you arrive. You are, of course, free to change your mind and add something right up to the last minute. We clearly state on the site what you get with each “package” so expect no unpleasant surprise. But maybe some very pleasant ones…..

A real Buddhist wedding has an exotic and romantic flair. It is a special way to; experience the beauty, generosity of the unique and friendly culture of northern Thailand and her people. A truly intimate way to experience a “weddings abroad”.

Renewal of vows
Renewal of vows

We offer you Renewal of Vows Ceremonies in most any style, as well as bespoke ceremonies and of course, include family members as desired.

Thailand Wedding's Venue
Thailand Wedding’s Venue

Thailand Wedding’s exclusive venue is a romantic rural estate, offering an atmosphere luxury and authenticity like no other.

If you choose to legally register your marriage locally it is easy with our help, it is also a legally accepted married in most all countries. A destination wedding in Chiang Mai can be a great economical option compared to a wedding back home.

Whatever the size and style of ceremony you dream of, we are here to help make it perfect for you (and your guests). We will help with all the aspects of your wedding in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Offering you the option of an authentic Thai Buddhist or Christian wedding ceremony in Chiang Mai, the cultural and spiritual heart of Thailand.

If you’re thinking of getting married in Chiang Mai, please feel free to ask us any questions, We are knowledgeable in all aspects of Christian overseas weddings in Thailand and traditional Thai weddings. As the longest established wedding planners offering destination weddings in Thailand, we know our stuff…..