What is a Secular Wedding Ceremony?

A secular wedding ceremony is basically a wedding ceremony that is not a religious wedding ceremony but a wedding based on your one personal belief and wants, that does not mean it can not have traditions and ceremonies that are based on religious style ceremonies only means it does not require an adherence to all or any religious belief and rules.

Why have your secular wedding in Chiang Mai?

Simple Chiang Mai is one of the most romantic places in Thailand, if not the world to get married. As Well, one is not required to be any set religion or to have any formal ceremony to get legally married. So if you are of different beliefs or no formal religious beliefs no problem.  I am not saying Chiang Mai  has the biggest resorts or whitest beaches (It doesn't have an ocean beach at all) but because its locals love weddings, and truly know how to throw a wedding. We northern Thai are famous through Thailand for our open-mindedness as well as wedding ceremonies and for treating all newly weds like royalty.

Our wedding ceremonies may not be as over the top as some week long Indian weddings but we have a deep intuitive sense of how to provide weddings that are spiritual without being smothering or dogmatic and that will make a relationship deepen through the experience.

We at Thailand Weddings offer secular weddings, either bases on a tradition western or a Thai wedding, without any need to feel confined by a religion you may not believe in. Today many brides and grooms do not have the desire to confirm to a set of rules that their parents did which are not relative to their way of life or personal beliefs. So we offer a loving and spiritual ceremonies which respect this.

Our secular weddings a totally customizable to allow them to be as unique as your love and feelings for each other.

Your custom Secular Thai weddings ceremonies include many of the non-religious features that are loved and used by many non-Buddhist Thai couples as they do not require you to get up early on your wedding day as well you need not attend a temple ceremony. You do get to experience the dramatic and stunning groom parade and of course the chance of the groom to be the center of attention during the Thai gates where he must show his love and worthiness to all that attend, to prove he will be a great husband to the true love of his life, his bride to be.

Our western Secular weddings Ceremonies are either held in our tropical garden on the lawn overlooking the magnificent panoramic view of the valley below or if the weather is less than perfect they can be held inside. 

The private venue will easily hold private weddings on the lawn of upwards of 120 guests. As our dining area holds only about 90 guests comfortably for a sit-down dinner, but below 40, as we love the open and intimate feel without any hint of being cramped if we get unexpected weather.

You are welcome to write your own vows or we have lots of delightful ceremonies to offer.

Your wedding will be overseen to the smallest of detail by our international award winning destination wedding planner, Somchit Srimoon who has been a leader in the wedding industry for over 20 years in Thailand assisting local and destination couples making their dream weddings come true.

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