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The Morning Offerings:

An Authentic Thai Buddhist wedding day, starts before the sun rises (at 5 am) with the preparation and giving of offerings to the monks as they do their morning alms rounds; they start their rounds when they can see the lines on the palm on their hand by the morning light. This offering is of food for the body, three incense sticks

thai-monks-offering (13)
(one for the Buddha-prapoot-one for the words of Buddha-pratum-and one for the Buddhist monks-prasong) and flowers. No Thai Buddhist wedding is complete without this offering being made in the early morning. Sorry it has to be so early, but it must be if your wedding is to be authentically Thai; the merit you will receive makes the early morning well worth it. If you are lucky enough to be offered a blessing by an elder monk on this occasion you are truly in for a enlightened marriage. It is well worth the effort of waking early, however we can organize a 'stand in' for you if necessary.

Receive your Thai marriage certificate

After a traditional Thai breakfast, if you choose to register your marriage in Thailand, we will take you to Chiang Mai City Hall, where you will sign and receive your marriage certificate. Congratulations-you are now officially married! In Thai tradition, however, this is only one part of the marriage ceremony (if done).

legally married under thai law

Next stop is at the temple Blessing.

bird release for merit in Thai wedding

Most couples normally choose to go to have your temple blessing a beautiful traditional northern Thai teak Buddhist temple. It is often the preferred choice because of the very revered and famous head monk there who will give you the blessing. We also can arrange at other temples in Chiang if desired. The sweet scent of incense fills the air and the unique sound of Buddhist chanting echoes through the ornately carved wooden temple. During this very special ceremony, the monk will bless you with water, tie a symbolically 'binding' string around your wrists, and will place three traditional dots on your foreheads (representing the same three things as for the incense you offered to the monks earlier in the morning).

temple wedding certificate

Merit Making

After the temple blessing ceremony, you will release birds and/or fish or turtles in order to create merit for your marriage and life together. To make merit within the Buddhist beliefs is to be done in order to improve one fate in this life and the next, it also offers a great opportunity for the couple to have some photos taken in the temple grounds or around the area.

fish release to make merit for wedding

Knot-tying ceremony

This is a very special and joyous part of your wedding day, held at a traditional northern Thai teak village house. And unlike in the west, the groom gets the procession! (That reason enough to choose have a Thai overseas weddings , I think. ) Led by local village elders and traditional musicians, the groom tries to makes his way towards the house, where the bride waits for him. As excited the groom approaches, he must prove his worth to the 'gatekeepers' before he is allowed to get married. The bride then has the opportunity to ask the groom to make promises for their life together in front of family and friends.

thai wedding blessing

The village elders then partake in the next part of the Northern Thai wedding ceremony, tying strings around the couples' wrists and offering advice on marriage and blessings. Now is also the time when you can, if you wish, make your own vows to each other and exchange wedding rings.

Thai the Knot in thai lanna weddings

The final step of the wedding ceremony is the showing of the nuptial bedroom, where the eldest couple from the local village will lead the newest couple to the bedroom, where the newly weds will be seated on the bed and symbiotically be left along with the doors closed and upon their existing the bed room they will be officially considered married.

lanna buddhist wedding ceremony

Then, it's time to relax, enjoy the talent of the Thai musicians and share your first meal together, your wedding feast.

Thai wedding food

The couple before eating their amazing wedding feast will as tradition dictates be making a traditional offering to their ancestors and the ancestors of the house. It is preformed by all Thai couples on special days and many spirit houses can be seen all around Thailand.

spirit house offering on wedding day

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