Your Royal Lanna Buddhist Wedding

Our Royal Lanna Wedding, is just what the name implies, it is suitable for royalty!

Our Royal Lanna wedding (northern Thai wedding)  is based upon a wedding we did originally for a member of the (old Lanna) Royal Chiang Mai family. It as a monarchy which no longer has an official standing, but rest assured they do know what a royal wedding ought be. The original wedding was such a great success, we thought we would offer to share it with our Destination wedding clients, as well.

From it's inception, it has had a few refinements over the original, but the luxury and essence are still very much living up to the original Royal Lanna wedding, if anything we have made it more luxurious. This wedding is not about the number of guests that you invited, but the unique experience, of a truly traditional Royal northern Thai Buddhist wedding, with all the spiritual and emotional delights of being treated like and pampered as true Royalty on your wedding day.

wedding day monk offerings in chiang mai

You will partake in the traditional morning offering to the Buddhist monks as is proper Lanna etiquette. You will be preformed as they walk down the streets accepting offerings and give blessing in the morning as monks have done here for centuries.  This daily ritual starts every morning as soon as the monk can see the lines on the palm of his hand, by the morning light.  So your wedding day will start off before actual day break. Allowing you to  experience the feel of true Lanna culture from the moment you approach the early morning market to get the offering ingredients.

Your personal photographer and wedding coordinator will both be accompanying you from before the crack of dawn, to the moment you retire to your nuptial bedroom suite. Recording for prosperity your wedding day in Chiang Mai and making sure you  are truly pampered your whole wedding day. Your evening will include the Thai feast,  fireworks and releasing  Kom Loi, as well as traditional Thai dancers for your entertainment while dining.

Wait; I am getting a head of myself! After you have completed giving your offerings to nine monks on the street , you will have a break to rest up for the rest of the wedding ceremonies and activities, because some reason the night before their wedding, some couples  have problems getting to sleep. So after the break, the brides hairdresser will arrive and start her hair and makeup to assure the bride looks her best, for the day's activities and official wedding photographs.

The groom will be assisted  into his wedding finery, by the seamstress(es), while the bride puts on the final accent pieces to best set off her custom made Thai wedding dress. All this recorded by your official wedding photographer and also your videographer who will have joined the other attendants by this point .

pampering for Thai wedding

Your chauffeured transportation awaits to whisk you away to the temple of your choosing, to have a spiritual temple blessing by the head monk and up to eight of his fellow disciples. Your temple choice will have determined the number of monks, normally present for the blessing.

monk blessing for wedding couple

Upon the completion of the truly exotic and spiritual  temple blessing, the couple will have some time to relax and maybe partake in some individual and group photos on the temple grounds which offers great backdrops to be posed in ,and take some candid shots. To prepared to be approached by some local Thai people will requests for their photo be taken with you, the couple, on your special day. The number of requests can be controlled be your choice temple to have your blessing, as is normal the more visitors and worshipers, the more requests you will endure, that is just part of being special.

Then off again, this time to the privacy of the The Thai wedding Venue, for the traditional Lanna Knot tying ceremony. On arrival there your "Royal Musicians" and the village elders will greet you and escort the Groom to the wedding house but before he arrives, he must face some gates and partake in the ritual pleasing of the guards and assure them that his intentions are true and honest. This normally will require a bit of fun, at his expense for sure.

fun at thai wedding

When you approach the wedding house, the mass of tropical flower will be the first impression to hit you, then the exquisite details of luxury like the skillful Thai fruit carvings will slowly start to be appreciated.  The colours and type flower you expected, but the amount will surly be impressive.

knot tying ceremony in buddhist  thai wedding

The Lanna wedding ceremony will be preformed by "Por Nhan" and when the showing of the couple in the nuptial bedroom is complete, the feast begins for the guests and local elder. The newly wed couple has just one more tradition to preform, which is the ancestral offering, at the spirit house. It is in order to thank ones ancestors who came before us, and to ask for their assistance and to bring good luck. . . That completed the couple may join the Wedding Feast which by then will be well under way. You'll be spoilt for choice,with the exquisitely  prepared range of local fare that have been created for your special meal. It has a range of dishes that will surly please any palate, as it is important to us that all your guests fell comfortable and be treated like the honoured guests they are.


thai fireworks at royal wedding

While enjoying the amazing northern Thai food, one will listen to live music and enjoy watching the beautiful Thai Dancers skillfully preform several Thai dances. By the time everyone is unable to eat any more food,  it will time for the fireworks display, which will last as life long memory, to be cherished in the years to come.


thai fire balloons or kom loi at Thai lanna wedding

As the last of the fireworks are ignited,  we will start to release the Kom Loi. When they have floated off into the night sky and beyond sight,  the wedding party return towards the wedding house.


garden wedding


Back at the wedding house for some tropical fruit and wedding cake (if desired) to relax or may be some dancing. Or as is often the case, some couples fancy some private time and retire early the seclusion of their nuptial suite.

 As the wedding day come to a close, the guests are chauffeured safely back to city, and the local villagers marauder home, as the staff tidy up the last of the glasses, then the staff all depart, allowing the very tired but extremely happy couple to retire to the privacy of their luxurious wedding suite.

 The following morning the couple may relax and perhaps even partake in a tradition Thai massage, as a couple, on the open air porch of your Lanna style wedding house, while enjoying the mesmerizing views of the rural  valley below and mountain and forest beside and behind, before you must surely return to reality and begin their life together, as a newly wed couple.

Your wedding ceremonies may only last a day, but the memories and feelings will last a lifetime. If you chose a Royal Lanna wedding, I am sure it will be a memory that you will share with your family and friends over and over again.

All this is included in the base price of 119,000 Baht.

Guests are 900 baht per person and includes their transport, food and drinks.


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