The wedding house is located just outside the city of Chiang Mai, in the village of OnTai, Sankampang, Chiang Mai

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On Tai is well known as the location of the first kilns in the area, as well for its beautiful Lanna style Teak temple.  Not to be forgotten, The white elephant which was presented to the King of Thailand. A white elephant is believed to bring great powers and bring good fortune, so was respectfully given to the King by the people of the On Tai area, where it was born.

 enjoying the stars on the wedding night
Sharing the sky on the wedding night.

The wedding house itself is located on an organic tropical fruit orchard which is overlooking the the Mae On valley below, it is a working orchard.  From the stair case you see the lights of the city of Chiang Mai in the distance in the night sky, and from the main porch, you see the valley of Mae On. The Mango orchard backs on to the Royal Forest, providing a truly special place to Tie the Knot.

The "wedding sala" in the background

Also located on the property is an open pavilion made of salvaged teak wood poles and having a thatched roofed, which is quite large and is often used for Christian wedding ceremonies and some larger Buddhist wedding ceremonies. However most Buddhist wedding ceremonies are done in the house itself for traditional reasons...


There are also gazebo's and private corners in the extensive garden areas providing a more romantic atmosphere.

The property is a mere 30 minute drive from the Chiang Mai city center, depending on the traffic, but it is a life time way, with a much slower and even more relaxed atmosphere than Chiang Mai if famous for. In "OnTai" time is relative and days are not the measure of time but the seasons are and the crops progression are really how time is measured and the day spent. So if relaxation, rural beauty and a truly Thai flavour is what you seek there is no better place to celebrate your wedding than in OnTai.

wedding decorated tuk tuk

Some brides even request a "Tuk Tuk" to travel back in style to the city, the day after their wedding.

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