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We (a german couple, 24/32) didn`t wanted to have a normal wedding and since we have traveled a lot, we were looking for a place to marry abroad. To do that in Thailand was our initial thought, but we didn`t want to get married down by the beaches. We`ve been to Chiang Mai before and really liked it there. After some online research we came to A few emails later everything was booked. We went for the Deluxe Buddhism package. The paperwork and all the organisation with the embassy in BKK in advance was very professional and smooth. The contact with Jit was very nice and we were looking forward to our wedding day.
Arrived in CM, Jit took care of everything. At our wedding day we were picked up by Jit very early in the morning to go to a local food market, buying food and flowers, that we prepared and gave to the monks to receive their blessing - it was wonderful. After a short rest back at our hotel, we got dressed a Jits place. The costumes were great. With our family we went to the register office to sign our marriage. Afterwards we drove to temple outside CM where we had like an audience with a monk, which was very inspirational and emotional. Some buddhism ceremonies like releasing birds to the sky and fishes to a lake took place there. Then we drove to the wedding house which is a place like heaven. Surrounded by jungle and hills in a wonderful garden with beautiful flowers. The traditionell Lanna ceremony with people from the village was the last part of the wedding. The atmosphere, the food and everything else was just perfect!
We did`t expect our wedding day to be the best day of our live but what Jit and her team made for us on that day was way beyond our expectations. Thank you!

Annika & Joerg
Annika & Joerg
From: Germany
Married on: 25.12.2013
Dear Nuptials,

My wife Elizaveta and I were married by Llama Kru Ba Noi on Sunday 16 June 2013 at Wat Sridonmoon.
We could not have been happier with each and every step of the way.
Somchit Srimoon is an absolute professional and our wedding was faerie tale perfect.
Jit is keenly intelligent, creative and is focused on tiny details that matter.
Her property – positively amazing. Photographer – exceptional.
Temple, food, architecture, clothing (two sets), transportation, ceremonies (multiple), the village elders, the young musicians, the natural beauty, the flowers, the air .
The people who work for her are equally of a very high calibre.
Everything that she said would be – would be.
Trust her – she knows what is what and believe that it will positively happen.
One a scale of one to ten this was 10+ in every sense.

We were blessed with a baby girl 5 December 2014.

John and Elizaveta
Please do not hesitate to contact me for specifics jwd "@"
Elizaveta and John Winsell Davies
From: America
Married on: 16 June 2013
Dear Jit and staff,
We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding everything we wanted and more. Right from our very first chat on the phone to the day itself, we could not have asked for better service. Everything went according to plan because you listened to our wishes and made them a reality. We are so happy that we chose to marry in Thailand, with your help. As for the photos and DVD - wow! They are so professionally presented - we love them! Needless to say, we have no hesitation in recommending you to any others thinking of marrying in Thailand. You did us proud - thank you so much! And we have fallen in love with Chiang Mai and think we'll end up living there one day. Hope to see you then! Thanks again, so much. Love Sam & Grant xx
Grant & Samantha
From: UK / Australia
Married on: 29 December 2014
If you are looking for a unique and special day, then look no further. You are lucky you found this website in the mass of all the hotel wedding planners. The wedding Jit will provide you with is unaccessible anywhere in the world. The hotels cant beat the authenticity of the religious/non religious service, private stunning location, the attention to detail, the one to one service, the food, the dancers, the fireworks, the photography, the video, the flowers, the wedding night location, the massages, the attire, the price! it CANNOT be beaten anywhere else. This website is a pearl in a shell in the middle of the ocean and you found it. I will be happy to speak to anybody who wants more information. Thank you Jit, you made our dream come true, that is priceless. xxx
Paul and Kim Channing
From: UK
Married on: 04/11/14
We had a wonderful wedding day. It was everything we could have wished for and more. Jit and everybody made our day very special. A day we will never forget. We were very pleased with the attention to detail and how everybody made us feel very special. We especially liked the village elders who welcomed us in their traditional way. A very magical day. Thank you everybody
Heather and David
From: Wales, UK
Married on: 17//10/14
Hello Jit and all her lovely staff

I would just like to say a big thank you I don't think I could have chosen anyone better.

From the flowers, the music, the amazing food, the beautiful staff and last but not least your AMAZING property that you so kindly let people use for there special day I would not have wanted our special day anywhere else

I highly recommend your friendly service to anyone you manage to treat everyone involved like they are family

Thank you xxx
Mark and Amanda
From: australia
Married on: 10th September 2014
Dear Jit and her great staff
still now we're left with the beautiful memory of our special day together for us and our daugthers Maya and Lili. Thank you so much for everything, your patience and kindness of making everything so special. All the dresses, the people we met, the location, special blessings and eye for detail. It was so much more then we could have imagined. Thank you for making it so personal with moments never to forget. We wish you all the best and hope we thanked you all again for taking so good care of us. Hope we'll be back for our anniversary. Much love and good luck, Iris & Kobe & Maya &Lili xxx
From: Belgium
Married on: 25 July 2014
Jit's incredible attention to detail, her calm manner, and her knowledge of Thai weddings, made her a wedding planner that we were lucky to have.

All we had to do was fill out a questionnaire, and Jit and her crew did the rest of the work. Jit provided a memorable, magical, and life-changing experience for my entire family. From the hotel pick-up at 5am to the drop-off the morning after the wedding, everything was taken care of, and it was perfect! Our magical day was just as it is explained on Jit's website and just as others have stated in their testimonials'.

I would like to leave with a slideshow that we put together with the pictures from Jit's photographer. Hopefully the video can do better at describing the day than I can:
Bryan and Christie
From: USA
Married on: July 4, 2014
Greta and Steven
Vasiliy & Elizaveta

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