We find that in this world of international hotels where you may feel like you haven't left home there are alternatives that are different yet wonderful to experience. One of the nice things about Chiang Mai is the people you meet and the relaxed atmosphere. So why not enhance it by staying in a local small guest house or even a Thai run 4 star hotel. To this end we have compiled a short list of some places past couple have enjoyed that they wanted to share.

We found past couples liked:

The best in my mind of a special occasion !
Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel:

Well it is opulent and warm. Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel is my pick if you splurging for your wedding!, An intimate small truly luxurious hotel with a total of 30 rooms is constructed in a fusion European and Northern Thai (Lanna) architectural style inspired by a traditional home of style. It is in a true Chiang Mai neigborhood a mix of everything at your door small local houses and businesses selling to Thai clients but it is a fair walk from night bazaar and many fine eating and entertainment facilities.www.puripunn.com

The Chedi Chiang Mai:

It looks strange from the street side but truly a Gem inside. It is a little stylishly miniumal and trendy for me but with a lovely Asian flare. Staff are nice, but reserved, location is great as on the river (unless it floods again hahaha) and one block to night market. I even recommend it, in spite they claim they do weddings too now (hahaha). I have seen Thai movie stars there and even saw them do a location shooting there for a series while meeting guests. Who knows who you can run into there.

 Great value and service hotels

Empress hotel: We also book in a lot of guest into the Empress hotel which get about 1500-1700 Baht ABF normally for a good room including breakfast. It is a large international style hotel with restaurants bar pool and all the normal hotel stuff but with friendly staff and walking distance to night bazaar. http://www.empresshotels.com/ it staff are very friendly and the guests are a good mix of Thai and western guests as well.

The Park Hotel: Of those that want a great pool and patio roof top and a very good price this is the place to stay it is not in the heart of the tourist section but easy to get to and from. It is not the Ritz but excellent value and friendly service. You will find Thai guests here too.(So you do not feel like your in a white only zone like at some tourist theme hotels. This is a comment I have gotten about some hotels from more than one guest)

Theme or Boutique style Accomidation .

Tamarind Village a small boutique northern Thai style place that is in the historic center of the old city area. (near my shop actually) It is 3500B Baht a night ABF if booked at discounters on the net like asiarooms.com Truly unique ..Only about 40 rooms I think, but quite cute and a good atmosphere.


Yaang Come Village is the boutique city theme resort.. It is a nice place but superior rooms - no Bath but includes breakfast. http://yaangcome.com We highly recommended it when the old manageress was there. We still mention it, but it is not as "warm" as it was once. It built it's own on site spa which is managed by others and is very good. Sadly the staff tends to push more tourist trap type things than before, so be very careful of "commissioned referrals" now.. As you should anywhere of course!.

Great Guest Houses

Baan Kaew even cheaper good high class guest house about 800 Baht per night (can ask for price for you). Baan Kaew is my husband's personal favorite for value and location as it is 2 blocks from night bazaar one block from the The Chedi hotel . See some photos we took for a couple who wanted to see some picture of the place. We can book it for you too, as they do have a website but it is bad and reservations do not always get answered by email. .. Don't just arrive and expect a room like many guesthouses is so popular and normally busy.

Very Local:

Uncles Place: http://www.northernthailand.com/uncles-resort/ is a great option. Hope this link gives you an idea of how truly Thai and rustic it is. We have had families stay there and really loved the feel of independence and not a tourist ghetto. But is still only about 10 minute drive to night bazaar. about 600B to about 1000B a cabin. Bigger one has bedroom and sitting room separate where children can sleep or just take two smaller one next to each other. Is really for Thai people, but owners speak very good English and is behind their restaurant which is famous for serving excellent central Thai cuisine in its garden restaurant. Wonderful place if you want a cultural experience or plan on driving around yourselves, (or hiring a van full time van about 2,500 Baht a day plus diesel including good driver and newer van)

Rates stated are what you can get at hotel discounters and some travel agents

Be sure of cancellation fees as most discount internet bookings are NOT refundable.. before booking.

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