The legal registration Process of a marriage in Thailand is not as hard as most companies would wish you to believe. OK, so it is not that simple either.


We will include free the legal marriage registration for your wedding, if booked before the end of the year. You only need get your embassy affidavits signed and we will do the rest, and register you in Chiang Mai. As our wedding present to you!


The Thai government does require that certain Thai Legal Requirements to legally Marry here. However with our assistance that process can be painless and waste as little of your all too rare and valuable vacation time as possible.

We take the hassles and headaches out of registering your marriage in Thailand.

Firstly for each country of nationality, there are different requirements that must be met before your embassy will provide you a sworn affidavit stating your legally marry under Thai law.

signing a thai marriage certificate

The basic legal process is as follows:

Firstly, you both need to meet these basic qualifications in order to marry under Thai law. As stated here: Thai Legal Requirements to Marry.

Secondly, you must go in person to your embassy or consulate in THAILAND and attain a sworn affidavit stating that you are in fact legally allowed to marry under Thai law. This takes normally about 30 minutes in the embassy office. (See our sister site for you countries ROUGH requirements: Embassy Requirements to marry in Thailand)

Then in Many cases assuming you have 4 working days (Monday through Friday except holidays),  The embassy stamped affidavits are handed to us in Chiang Mai or our man in Bangkok. The Thai  paperwork that must be done before your register your marriage, but not required have the actual ceremony.

On the weekday of your choice we will take you to the registry office and expiate the legal registration of your marriage in Thailand. It can be that painless with this part taking another 30 -45 minutes.

You will also be provided with a English translation of your marriage certificate, stamped by the translator which is all most couples require for any name changes (if desired) in most countries including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc

We will discuss the personal requirements and process for each couple depending on their nationalities.  Also we arrange many mixed nationality and couples from different countries, so we have learned a lot over the years.

That is the basics!

Please note: Many of our couples need not even go to Bangkok at all, to legally register their marriage in Thailand. It depends on their nationalities! For example American, Canadians, British, Indian, Swedish and Chinese couples need never go to Bangkok if they intend to marry in Chiang Mai, with some planning and the help of our expert legal paper co origination! It will take at least 4 working days to process the papers before registration is possible.

For a rough list of your embassy requirements to issue affidavits so you may marry see - Legal registration marriage in Thailand .

If you want us to make your legal registration of your marriage as easy as can be, we can help. Just ask me.

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