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I am always being asked to recommend a place to buy rings. We Thai do not, like in the west, walk into a shop and pick from a thousand pre-made rings. We normally have a custom designed rings that expresses our personal taste and feelings.

That is not to say we do not have that option to do so, we in fact have a branch of the WORLDS Largest jewelry shop, in Chiang Mai. You need only hop on any tour bus or any tour guide will take you there. For their great commissions. The shop is wonderfully decorated and well staffed with professional attractive trained seller... what about your father mother sister brother girlfriend,,,

But for your best value and workmanship, I recommend you arrive here a few days early and have a custom designed ring professional made.

I personally take my couples to the best Jeweler in Chiang Mai. He does custom work for a few boutique retail shops in malls and the like. As well as having a clientele that demand those sort of things you only see in exclusive magazines as an original creation by.... well who does the real designing? His English is very limited so I will go and help if any translation is needed.

As well I will not list his address here, as I am learning, I used to recommend and list the address of a great very small guest house on my site, now I can't normally get a room there anymore for clients. Shes happy we did recommend her but I am not so happy.

So this one I am keeping secret! OK I confess if people ask me nicely I will take people over and introduce them and even translate if need they to.

But for the truly adventurous, here is his photo, so check every little hole in the wall, and you may find him.

chiang mai wedding ring maker

At work in his well decorated shop! Well, actually he is fixing a friends gold watch band safety chain.

I took a groom there that was former employee of Tiffany's NYC, there and he was very impressed with the workmanship and was amazed at the prices (Prices you expect are better but level of workmanship).

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