Thai wedding dress examples

Thai wedding costumes

We are compiling a list of site with Thai dress for your wedding. They are just examples of dresses and can be of course made in different colours and materials to suit your dream wedding dress.

 couple in Thai wedding costumes

For our Thai Buddhist weddings the Monks have ask as a matter of respect to wear Traditional Thai attire to the blessing ceremony. You of course are welcome during the other ceremonies at the venue to wear what makes you feel great.  Remembering the Thai wedding attire does add to the exotic look of your Thai wedding photos. We do have couples who choose to wear both western and Thai attire during their wedding day.

Samples of Thai wedding dresses:

 We can often reproduce any design of traditional Thai attire, but our tailor is a specialist in Thai attire, not western wedding dresses, so we do not offer to make western wedding dresses or suits to our clients.  We do of course not make wedding attire in Black as it is no what one wears to Thai weddings and certainly a black wedding dress or suit for the groom would be seen as very strange in deed. As black is worn to Thai funerals.

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